villas in spain



Our rural houses are located in an area where you can perform various outdoor activities. We can also organize all kinds of excursions, and recommend different routes to visit on horseback, bicycle or a lovely boat ride.

Land: Mountain bike - BTT, Golf, Horse riding, gastronomic routes, Hiking - trekking.

Water: Diving, Water Skiing, Canoeing, boat trips, Surfing, Windsurfing, Sailing, Fishing.

Workshops: Photography, wildlife observation.

Places of Interest

Costa del Sol
Just 10 minutes from our houses you can visit its famous beaches and endless nightlife.

Sierra Crestellina and Sierra Nevada
Nothing is better than enjoying a ride on a bike crossing these lovely mountains. Live a day of unforgettable adventures.

Museum of Ethnohistory
Casares is home to one of the most interesting museums in Spain. The museum of Ethnohistory contains relics from eras as old as the Roman Empire.

Lookouts where migratory birds pass by
In the Puerto de Ronda and Puerto de la Cruz are spectacular lookouts where you can spot migratory birds pass by, this activity is a must for nature lovers.

Playa la Chullera
A few minutes away from our houses you can enjoy the best beaches in Andalusia. La Chullera is the gateway to the province of Cádiz, with a beach of dreams. The crystal clear water is ideal for activities like underwater sighting. Due to its characteristics it has been a place historically related to the monitoring of the coast, the remains of a tower from the nazarí era and later eras are still preserved.

Ruins of the ancient Roman city, Lacipo
4 km from Casares you can find the ruins of an ancient Roman city. This is one of the many attractions that cannot be missed by lovers of history.

Surroundings of Casares

"Perla de la Costa Del sol" is the white town par excellence that perfectly represents the characteristic roots of Andalusia. It is located 50 minutes from Malaga airport and 25 minutes from Marbella, Puerto Banus and Sotogrande.

You can also visit Gibraltar (do not forget your passport) in just 30 min you can get to one of the most important historical places in Spain. You can enjoy its beaches and experience a typical English historic district.

By car you can reach the beach and the center of Casares in about 10 minutes. The village is a must for its spectacular scenery, its beautiful streets, and good food. Furthermore, just 15 minutes away you can find the city of Estepona which offers a variety of shops and restaurants of all kinds, where you can enjoy good fish besides their specialty, sardines.

Tarifa is a destination that you cannot miss. Just one hour away from our houses you can get to know the closest European village to the African coast. You will enjoy its wide beaches washed by the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the surfer’s and kit surfer’s paradise.